Commercial Playground Equipment

Play is essential to children’s growth and development. That’s why Playworld is committed to creating customizable playground equipment for all ages. Our commercial-grade playground equipment is high-quality and sustainable, and we are constantly innovating to provide the best play structures possible. We make a range of commercial playground equipment for several different settings, including schools, parks, and apartment complexes.

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Benefits of Using Commercial Playground Equipment

Kids experience many benefits from playing on commercial playgrounds, including:

  • Sharpening cognitive skills: With structures to climb and spaces to navigate, playground equipment helps children develop problem-solving techniques, build spatial awareness, and explore their imagination in a natural, intuitive way.
  • Social development: The playground setting gives children a chance to interact with other kids they might not have otherwise. Playground interactions foster teamwork and camaraderie that will help increase their confidence and create bonds of friendship.
  • Engaging physical activity: Commercial-grade playground equipment uses exciting, innovative design to encourage children to be active. Instilling a love for play and activity in children at an early age will set them up to enjoy and engage in physical activities as they grow, which will help keep them happy and healthy.

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Commercial-Grade Playground Equipment for Schools

At Playworld, we know the importance of the benefits listed above, and that’s why we offer a variety of commercial playground sets for schools. When you work with us, we will customize playground equipment to your school’s exact needs. Here are some factors we take into account:

We’re happy to customize your playground set to fit your aesthetic vision. Whether you’re hoping for a fairytale castle or a roaring jungle, we can bring your theme to life. We also have traditional sets to choose from, so there are many options. We make sure our playgrounds create an inclusive environment, so a shy child has a quiet place to catch their breath or a child with a disability can access a fun play structure.

Will your playground sit on top of cement? Wood chips? Rubber? The details of the location play a large role in the types of products and equipment we’ll use, so we always take the setting into account. We want to make sure your playground is extremely stable and sustainable — both for use and the environment — and safe for many children to use for years to come.

We can help you find commercial playground equipment that will perfectly complement your school.

Browse our equipment catalogs for an in-depth look at what we have to offer, from commercial playground slides to swing sets and more. To get started, request a quote; one of our representatives will help you through the process of creating the dream playground for your school.

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Industrial Playground Equipment for Parks

A park is an important community hub where neighbors and newcomers alike can bring their children for stimulating play. When selecting and designing commercial playground equipment for a park, we consider several elements, including:

  • Location: Is the park in an urban or rural setting? Maybe somewhere in between? The details of the location help us determine everything from the materials we will use to the type of design that will work best.
  • Community: We try to get a sense of your community to provide you with the best possible playground set, taking into account park visitors, the history of the area, people’s preferences, and more. We can also customize our sets so they match the spirit of your community.
  • Sustainable: We understand your park’s playground will become a part of the community, so we want to make sure it is safe and sustainable. We use only high-quality materials made with expert craftsmanship so you can help ensure your children are safe when they play. We are also committed to green standards and have eliminated PVC from our products, so our playgrounds are safe for the environment.

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Playground Equipment for Housing Complexes

Every child needs space to play at home. If you live in an apartment or condominium complex, or are looking to move to one, a well-crafted and well-designed commercial playground is a big selling point. When we create a commercial playground for your housing complex we keep a few things in mind:

  • Added value: A beautiful playground can add value to a residential development. It enhances curb appeal and is a nice bonus feature for residents. In addition to an exciting and stimulating attraction for children, a playground can also make a housing complex stand out to prospective buyers.
  • Flexibility: As housing developments expand and more homes are built, we understand the importance of using safe, durable materials for our playgrounds. The playgrounds will need to withstand increased foot traffic from children across a wide variety of ages and development stages, so we use only the best products. We also use designs and structures that will work for all ages, so there will always be relevant playground equipment available as children grow.

Whether you are looking for commercial play equipment for a school, park, housing complex, or other community venue, we have the products you need to create the perfect playground. Request a quote today to get started!

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