PlayForm 7®

PlayForm 7

Product #: PLAYFORM7-B
PlayForm 7 incorporates the ultimate play experience with the appeal of art. It blends with any environment and architectural style. This truly unique play sculpture provides multiple play experiences: tactile, sensory, motion; offers areas for play under the structure; and inspires imaginative, open-ended play experiences. It is accessible and inclusive with low “hammocks” that are easy to get into and offer full body support.

PlayForm 7 incorporates innovative materials, like flex treads—a durable, slip-resistant material—which provide dynamic movement, increase climbing challenge and encourage exploration. Shown with laminated bamboo panels. Also available with translucent or sheet plastic panels for various aesthetic options.

PlayForm 7 invites you to discover, explore, share, challenge, trust, and learn.
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Product Details

Space Required:
70' 5" × 37' 5"
6' 5'' × 1' 10'' × 5' 7''
2624 lb
Fall Height:
9' 2"

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