Quad Tabletop 6ft (1,83m)

Product #: ZZUN6845
Inspired by nature, ModPods were designed to be more challenging than a flat plane climber. ModPods bring kids together in an imaginative play space that invites exploration. Modularity gives ModPods flexibility for virtually endless design possibilities that support social and inclusive play. Besides being great for climbing and weaving through, the openings in ModPods provide excellent visibility in a way that a solid-form climbing wall does not. ModPods are available in Quad-Vertical, Tri-Vertical (Tall or Short), Quad-Tabletop (4' and 6' options), and Tri-Tabletop (4' and 6' options) offering you a wide variety to make a ModPods climber that is perfect for your playground! ModPods can be used to create an independent climbing structure or used with Challangers or Playmakers play systems.
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Product Details

Space Required:
19' 3" × 17' 4"
6' 5'' × 1' 10'' × 5' 7''
341 lb
Fall Height:
6' 0"

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