Stainless Steel Slide with Slide-a-Side

Product #: ZZUN9576
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Thoughtfully designed to be a comfortable resting area for anyone needing extra time, the Slide with Slide-a-Side makes sliding extra fun for everyone! The specially engineered slide and landing provide a place to sit while waiting for a mobility device or a parent to return for assistance and continued play. Made of 14-gauge 304 stainless steel. Left or Right side landing options. Attaches to 3’ (0,91m), 4’ (1,22m), 5’ (1,52m), 6’ (1,83m), and 8’ (2,44m) decks. Use with a balcony or standard slide entry for slides with Slide-a-Side. Design patented.
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Product Details

Space Required:
15' 10" × 13' 8"
3' 10'' × 7' 9'' × 5' 0''
130 lb
Fall Height:
4' 0"

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