Commercial Playground Slides

Slides are an expectation on any playground. At Playworld, you can find a wide variety of slides to bring fun, social play, sensory experiences, and more to your play space.

Commercial Slides From Playworld

At Playworld, we bring fun to commercial playgrounds with a wide variety of colorful, exciting and multi-person slides. Our products include:

Racers: Introduce fun competition with double and triple racer slides. Our Trippple Racer Slide brings three times the fun with three heights, which are accessible from a single deck. With products like the Double Glide and Twist and Shout, kids can slide side by side with new and old friends. Elevate the social experience further with the Mighty Descent, designed for up to eight children at once.

Glides: Our glide models are traditional slides made for endless fun. Bring in classics like the standard Glide Slide, or shake it up with our wide model or 90-degree design.

Spirals: Give kids a 360-degree perspective on their way down with our spiral slides. We carry a deck attachment design and a freestanding model to work with or without a complete playset.

Slithers: Create a giggle-inducing ride with Slither Slides. Because the slide has a slight bump in the bedway, kids can enjoy a bouncy sliding experience in a range of models. Choose from cool themes like castle, nautical, and nature, or integrate sliding accessibility with Slide-a-Side options. We even offer a tactile experience with the Roller Slither Slide—sound and touch stimulation all in one.

Rumbles: Our rumble slides feature our dual racing design alongside molded-in grooves. Children can have a multi-sensory experience with their friends on our freestanding and deck attachment styles.

Tubes: Add an extra thrill with our enclosed tube slides. Integrated windows give parents and kids light and visibility for comfort and safety.

Beyond our many slide styles, we offer other unique slide options, including our Slide Climber and Sliding Pole. Find what fits your playground vision.

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Benefits of Our Commercial Playground Slides

Slides are the go-to equipment for playgrounds big and small, but what are their benefits? When you install a slide, you help kids:

  • Develop their social skills.
  • Stimulate balance and coordination.
  • Build a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Experience different senses.
  • Understand their capabilities.

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Explore Commercial Playground Slides at Playworld

Browse our full selection of commercial playground slides to create a space for kids to learn and have fun. If you’d like more information about a product, request a quote today.

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