Church Playground Equipment

At Playworld, we understand the importance your place of worship holds in your community. We also understand the need to foster and grow your church community. One way to keep your parishioners happy and attract new members is to add a playground. Incorporating a playground has many benefits, such as creating a family-friendly spirit and bringing your community together. We know a playground can be a significant addition to your church, which is why we are committed to providing high-quality and affordable church playground equipment.

Benefits of Church Playground Sets

There are many reasons to consider adding a playground set at your church, including:

Having a playground shows parents and caregivers that your church prioritizes its youth. Many people seek out a church that offers a sense of community and options for the whole family. A playground is a physical indication of this priority and also shows children are welcome at your church. We design our playground sets to create inclusive environments, so kids of all development levels and physical capabilities can enjoy the playground. Your community will appreciate the fact that you paid careful consideration to the varying abilities of the children.

When people drive by churches and see children playing on church playground sets, that immediately sends a family-friendly message of welcome that will draw people to your church. Our beautiful finished products are more than your average playground sets, and people will feel intrigued and impressed by the high-quality material and innovative design we provide.

We have many financing options to work within your budget. You can choose from fully preconfigured playgrounds, individual components, specific site furnishings, and more. We offer many customizations to find the perfect fit for your church. We also provide many tips and tricks for making the finances work, from special partnerships to financing options.

How to Budget for Your Church Playground Equipment

At Playworld, we know budgeting is important to your church, and you need affordable church playground equipment. That’s why we have several financing options and many tips on how to fund your playground set and save on costs. To get started, browse our equipment and begin your fundraising research to get a sense of your financial picture. You can also contact us with questions, and our representatives will help guide you. There are several different options we recommend:


Consider organizing different fundraising events for the playground. This could be a great way to get the community excited about the new playground and also get everyone involved. The team effort will make everyone feel more invested in the addition, and working together in this way can also bring your community closer. Your fundraising efforts could be as simple as a bake sale or as elaborate as a murder-mystery dinner. If you want to hold contests, you can ask local businesses to donate goods and prizes. The possibilities are endless!

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Grant Funding

Grants are a great option for funding your church playground. Many different types of organizations offer grants, including federal, state and local governments, corporate businesses, nonprofit groups, and foundations. There are hundreds of grants available through these different channels. While it may seem overwhelming to find which ones will work for your church playground funding efforts, we have created a free grants guide so you can quickly find grants for church playground equipment in your state.

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Community Build

Installation costs could be anywhere between 25% to 45% of your total budget depending on your playground project. Eliminating those costs would result in huge savings. One way to do this is to make the installation a community effort. It is a great volunteer opportunity for your parishioners and parents who are eager for the playground to get built. Volunteers can help in several ways—participating in the actual installation, soliciting food donations, arranging childcare the day of the build, and more. Your local Playworld representative will also help supervise the build and provide your volunteers with some guidance.

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We value play above all else and are committed to making it accessible to as many children as possible. We know that sometimes budgets are limited, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice play options. That’s why we offer two different financing options to help you pay for your church playground sets. With our phasing program, you pay upon completion of individual sections, so you can spread the expenses out over time. And we also offer a leasing option where we design a payment plan based on your budget.

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Playworld can meet your playground needs, whatever they may be! We offer all kinds of playground equipment, from early childhood playgrounds to school-age playgrounds, fitness structures, electronic play, and more. We can also make customizations to create the perfect equipment for your church. Contact us today with questions or for more information. Or request a quote today to find out more details and get started on bringing the perfect playground to your church and community!

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