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Playworld holds the following contracts to make purchasing easier and more affordable than ever!

Simplify Your Process


A National Cooperative government partner, Sourcewell completes the bid process for you, streamlining procurement and supporting the local economy. Over 50,000 industry-leading brands hold vendor contracts with Sourcewell! Playworld’s contract is #010521-LTS-8.

Sourcewell membership is free with no obligation! State and local government entities, public and private education, and tax-exempt nonprofit organizations all qualify for membership. To join, simply visit Sourcewell-mn.gov, click “register,” and enter your information.

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Pool Your Power

NASPO ValuePoint

A cooperative purchasing program, NASPO ValuePoint ensures the most reliable, competitively sourced contracts by using a lead-state model, leveraging the leadership and experience of all states as well as the purchasing power of their public entities.

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