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A new neighborhood playground doesn’t just mean more fun for the whole community—it also means more curb appeal and a great selling point for young families looking for their next home. At Playworld, we have the playground solution you need to ‘wow’ your residents without breaking the bank. Whether you’re located in a suburban space or rural area, we have the playground solution to fit your needs. Browse our product lines from early childhood to school-age playgrounds to fitness and wellness systems, and when you’re ready to get started, download our Playground 101 guide for assistance every step of the way.

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Benefits of HOA Playground Equipment

There are many benefits of adding neighborhood playground equipment to your housing development or upgrading your existing play equipment:

  • Increase curb appeal: Adding a community playground can increase interest in your properties and draw a desirable demographic to your door.
  • Attract families to your community: Families make fantastic residents. They demonstrate stability and reliability and help provide confidence that rent payments will be on time.
  • Show that you’re a family-friendly place to live: When you add HOA playground equipment, you show your commitment to families and your desire for them to live there. Plus, families tend to stay in one place for longer, meaning less turnover on your property.
  • Engage long-time residents: By showing your dedication to the property and its long-term appeal, you can help encourage residents of all ages to stay in your community.
  • Encourage young people to get outside: Healthy exercise is incredibly important for kids of any age. New playground equipment can help support the health and well-being of your entire HOA community.

At Playworld, we can work with you to provide neighborhood playground sets that both kids and parents will love. Our HOA community solutions will pay dividends for you and your residents for years to come.

Neighborhood Playground Equipment Design Considerations

It’s important to consider the audience for your HOA community playground in order to determine the right components to purchase. You want equipment that will be accessible to the largest number of your residents. First, you should consider who will use the playground equipment.

Age is a key consideration when deciding what types of playground equipment you need. Do you tend to attract homeowners with preschool-age children, or are they older kids? Your answer will determine what kind of equipment to choose. You can select early childhood or school-age playgrounds that will excite children with age-appropriate equipment. You can also encourage healthy play and proper use of the equipment when you buy pieces for the right age group.

Choosing equipment that is accessible for children with disabilities increases the number of families you will attract to your playset. It shows your dedication to residents and their needs, which homeowners will appreciate. Inclusive play equipment also sends a positive message to those considering your housing units. It shows your concern for others, making people feel more at home and at ease.

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Community Playground Equipment From Playworld

Playworld sells high-quality HOA playground equipment at affordable prices. We offer inclusive designs so kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy your playset. You can use our planning and design services to create an optimal blueprint for your playground, taking into consideration factors like the position of the sun and the best entry point.

You can find equipment that meets all your needs at Playworld, including:

  • Theme and design: We sell community-building and developmentally optimized playgrounds.
  • Budget: We have financing available.
  • Surfacing: We sell mats and other surfacing to cushion the ground for safety.

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