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An outdoor exercise system designed to make physical wellness more attainable in your community, LifeTrail® enhances the quality of life for older, active adults. Not only does the increase in strength and energy make daily tasks easier to accomplish—more memories are able to be made with the people that matter most.

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How Does It Work?

LifeTrail was designed in collaboration with American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) Functional Fitness Certified kinesiology and gerontology specialist Danielle DuVall. The 21-panel system features a series of progressively challenging exercises built upon the principles of functional fitness, helping adults achieve goals from perfecting posture to increasing endurance. LifeTrail is available as a standard set of 5 stations, or as an inclusive set of 7 stations, which includes 2 ADA-approved stations that accommodate people of all ability levels.

Each exercise provides an integrated approach that maximizes users’ benefit by emulating how they move their bodies throughout everyday life. The closed-chain design of the equipment has users bearing their own weight, while natural movement patterns such as bending, pulling, and squatting have users moving just as they do when completing daily tasks.

The variety of activity panels keeps users motivated and engaged in their workouts, as they can switch up their routine by using one of the multiple exercises listed. Safety bars as well as large instructional text and images make each station beginner-friendly—as they progress along their fitness journey, they can adjust their workout across three levels of intensity to meet their current experience level.

Tried & True

Focused Fitness. Real Results.

To test the efficacy of LifeTrail® Systems, our designers conducted a research study in which senior citizens were asked to use the equipment over the course of 6 weeks. At the beginning and end, participants completed the Rikli & Jones’ Senior Fitness Test to measure progress of their lower body strength, upper body strength, agility and dynamic balance, aerobic endurance, and balance.

On average, participants saw a 31% improvement in lower body strength, a 14% improvement in agility and dynamic balance, a 6% improvement in aerobic endurance, a 13% improvement in balance, and a 49% improvement in upper body strength.

The following case studies exemplify what many participants in the overall research study experienced—LifeTrail made a difference in their lives by giving them greater strength and energy to take on the day.

Case Study 1

  • 17% improvement in upper body strength
  • 17% improvement in lower body strength

Case Study 2

  • 27% increase in upper body strength
  • 24% more agile
  • 18% increase in lower body strength

Case Study 3

  • 33% increase in upper body strength
  • 13% increase in lower body strength

Case Study 4

  • 24% increase in upper body strength
  • 9% improvement in agility and dynamic balance

Case Study 5

  • 78% increase in lower body strength
  • 29% increase in upper body strength
  • 24% improvement in agility and dynamic balance

It’s never too late to improve your community’s health and fitness
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