Play is not a four letter word

Author: Greg Harrison

Play is at the center of everything we do here at Playworld. It’s incorporated into our thoughts, decisions, actions, and creations. We’re constantly making changes.

Singapore Playform 7 - Playworld

Four trends for parks & playgrounds in 2017… and beyond

As the new year approaches, you’ll undoubtedly see many lists of projected 2017 trends, from colors and clothing to cars and technology.

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Blog Posts

Hybrid System Shakes Tradition

For nearly four decades, parks and schools have relied on a standardized view of playgrounds—one consisting mostly of post-and-platform style play structures. Despite attempts by play advocates and manufacturers to think outside the platform, it remains the most popular playground solution, primarily because of its integration with traditional components like slides and its ability to be accessible when ramps are added.   However, studies… Read More >

Extraordinary Playscapes Kicks off its Spring Season with PlayCubes™ in San Francisco

The Design Museum San Francisco’s Extraordinary Playscapes exhibition opened with one of its largest displays on April 6, 2017 at the San Francisco Main Library’s Fisher Children’s Center. The new exhibition provides an overview of more than forty exceptional play spaces, various interactive components, and a comprehensive history of play. The display is accompanied by an outdoor installation of Playworld’s PlayCubes at Civic Center… Read More >

Building a Safer Playground: Using Playground Design to Minimize Bullying

Bullying is a serious problem in classrooms, in schools, on playgrounds and in other environments. This long-reaching issue can affect children’s self-esteem, social skills and more. Often it goes undetected, and in recent years it has made headlines as children have suffered serious violence and trauma due to aggression and teasing. Bullying is an escalating problem and is a key issue for anyone designing… Read More >