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As daring innovators and distinct craftsmen, we’re always creating new play equipment that unites the next generation. Whether you’re looking to completely transform your school or community’s playspace or build upon the playground you already have, we offer a wide range of new product solutions to meet every need. Take a look to see what’s new this year.

PlayCubes® Sensory Additions

Expand your community’s play possibilities! Whether you’re looking to update your existing PlayCubes® structure or create an entirely new layout, PlayCubes Sensory Additions offer an easy, exciting way to inspire kids to interact with the world around them.

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Designed for a variety of potential layouts, Tianzi features rope climbing nets with patterns that challenge kids’ abilities. Additional features such as a rubber balance beam and bell culminate the experience, promising fun-filled adventure for any community.

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Rope Components

Expand your RopeScapes by incorporating these components into your design. Each one offers new sensory or physical activities to engage kids ages 5 – 12 years old and develop their all-around skills.

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Inspired by Mexico’s Cave of the Crystals, Naica (pronounced Nī-Ka) combines triangular climbing nets with traditional components, such as the Mighty Descent, to encourage skill development through daring exploration. When connected to other rope products like Quito, it can form countless RopeScapes full of the subterranean adventure of its namesake. Thanks to its distinct design, Naica is sure to become the crowning jewel of any playground.

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Quito (pronounced KEE-toe) is a freestanding net climber that takes kids on a journey to the center of the web. Its daring, distinctive design offers a commanding, compelling playground presence.

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Optimize community safety and minimize light pollution with PlaySoleil solar lighting, the low cost, eco-friendly answer to after-hours playground security.

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PlayCubes® Extensions

PlayCubes® Extensions are exciting elements that add challenge and varied climbing paths to any PlayCubes structure.

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Distinctive Components

Choose from exciting climbers, incredible slides, stunning sensory shades, and even an a-maze-ing cozy space to add distinctive flare to your next project!

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PlayTown was created with input from child development and inclusive play consultants to ensure that everyone is welcome. Each item is full of whimsical details to encourage solitary, social, and imaginative play. Clear lines of sight make supervision easy.

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Sky Towers®

Imaginative, innovative, and unforgettable, Sky Towers evokes the exciting sensation of climbing through the sky and being one with nature.

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We have many unique families of products to choose from! Add style and interactivity to your playground today.

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