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Why Play Matters

Research has proven that play provides key physical, mental, and social development in all children—especially when experienced in early childhood. Then, as kids grow and attend school, play remains equally as important, helping to increase focus and inspire greater creativity both in and out of the classroom.

To learn more about the integral role of play in a happy, healthy childhood, download our Play Reports Pack, which includes the following materials:

  • Play Reports
    • Early Childhood Development and the Importance of Play
    • Role of Recess in Academics and Whole Child Development
    • Structured vs. Unstructured Play: How They’re Different, and Why It Matters
  • Whitepapers
    • The Importance of Play in the Early Childhood Years
    • The Evolution of School Recess and Corresponding Implications for the Next Generation of Children
    • From Pick Up Games to Play Dates: The Decline of Child-Initiated, Unstructured Play and the Rise of Backseat Children

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