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Electronic play equipment combines the interactivity of video games with the physicality of exercise, immersing kids in activities that develop their senses, strengthen their all-around skills, and inspire greater connectivity with their peers.

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Level Up Your Play


Kids of all ability levels can join in the action-packed adventure of NEOS! Each configuration features 8 or more games to choose from, single and multiplayer options, and instructional signage for easy use. Sounds and LED lights engage the senses as kids rush to press each of the buttons—also building their stamina, spatial awareness, and agility in the process. The adrenaline of NEOS excites participants and spectators alike, drawing in the whole community for a play event unlike any other.

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NEOS 360 – Accessible


Sure Circuit to Fun

KPE: Kid Powered Energy

The kids are in charge now! This environmentally friendly line plants kids in settings from the forest to the speedway using interactive sound effects. As they press, push, and spin, kids power the panel to experience sounds from the roar of an engine to the melody of a favorite tune. Each panel features multiple options, so kids can choose a new experience every time they visit.

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Charge Into Action

Funky Animals & Spring Riders

Distinctly built for young children, this line of riders inspires bouncing and laughing with themed sound effects! The added sounds engage the senses while ergonomic design accommodates little hands and feet, which allows children to experience fun on their level like never before.

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