Product #: ZZXX0997
Digital, meet physical. Everyone’s favorite electronic playground has taken on a new sleek, linear form. NEOS Arc offers just as much excitement and physical fun as NEOS 360 while taking up less space. The arc shape enables you to position the system wherever you wish, so you can make the most of your layout. Open sightlines for easy access and supervision make NEOS Arc an ideal choice for any playground. With eight great 45-60 second games you can play alone or in teams, the NEOS Arc keeps kids jumping and darting between the pillars - building strength and stamina as they engage in an unexpected workout. It also promotes peripheral, auditory and spatial awareness with eight LED lights and cool sound effects. Best of all, it’s energy-efficient—using less power when in use than a 100-watt light bulb!
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Product Details

All Ages
Space Required:
14' 0" × 20' 0"
6' 5'' × 1' 10'' × 5' 7''
609 lb

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