Getting Started

So you’ve decided to build a playground! Congratulations! We’re glad you’ve decided to bring play to your community. Wondering what to do next? It’s time for some Playground 101! We’ll help you get started by highlighting the essential stages to a successful playground project.

How to Build a Playground in 10 Easy Steps


Form a Committee.

Recruit people who are well connected in the community, have an insight into the user groups for the finished project, or have a skill set that you need to get the project completed.

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Ask Questions & Make Decisions

Establish clear objectives for your project up front. Consider questions such as: What type of playground and/or products do I need? What is the goal of my playground? How many users do I expect, and in what age ranges? What are the special needs of this play space?

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Get Community Feedback.

Invite the community to an open forum, listen and observe families at existing playgrounds, or take a look at social media to gather information.

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Locate a Site.

Take an inventory of possible playground sites. Consider space constraints, site preparation, and unique features that might be an asset.


Consult a Playground Specialist.

After determining your project’s objectives, find a consultant to help develop your plan to meet your goals and request a free quote.

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Set Your Budget & Raise Funds.

When determining a budget for your entire project, be sure to consider costs beyond equipment, such as shipping, installation, site preparation, and surfacing. Fundraising, sponsorships, and community builds are great ways to help keep costs down.

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Select a Playground Manufacturer.

When selecting an equipment manufacturer, consider the overall play value of the equipment, delivery time, quality of products and warranties, and the reputation of the local distributor.

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Establish a Timeline.

Set up a strict timeline—not only for when you aim to finish the project, but also for the little phases in between. Consider site preparation, equipment delivery, and installation.

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Install the Playground.

Hire a contractor to install equipment and/or to lead and delegate tasks if you plan to recruit community volunteers.



Invite your community, local officials, and media to attend your grand opening. Take pictures and celebrate your success on social media.

Playground 101 Continues…

Playworld offers additional guides to help you with your planning. Check out our Inclusive Play Design Guide and Funding Guide. Learn more about each of the ten steps and how you can make your project go off without a hitch by downloading Playground 101.