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Showcase Your Community

Put your neighborhood’s personality on display! Using exclusive inlaid designs, our team can create custom panels and signs in any design you would like—from your local elementary school’s mascot to hand-drawn pictures by students. Panels can be single or double-sided and are available in our full selection of sheet plastic colors and printed fiberglass inserts.

Dare to Stand Out

Custom to the Core

Playworld’s in-house custom design team is here to help you create a common theme across your play space. By choosing custom banners, panels, post tops, and signs, you can create accents that inspire specific narratives for exploration. When combined with our Nautical & Castle Flags, you can create a one-of-a-kind setting for fantastical adventures. Custom lettering can also be used with our Crazy Bones Bridge and our Bench to create landmarks where donors and sponsors can be honored, or community mottos may be displayed.

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Kent, Washington

West Fenwick Park

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Customs Gallery

Our Custom Inspiration Brochure features a variety of our innovations over the years.

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