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If you’re looking for new school playground equipment that sparks imagination, fosters development and fuels fun, look no further. We design and create sustainable, inclusive school playgrounds with superb craftsmanship and a passion for play. We will connect you with the resources you need and work beside you to find the right solutions, every step of the way. Get started with our Playground 101 Guide for more information.

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Benefits of Play for School-Age Children

Did you know that active play can help school-age children get higher test scores, improve behavior and build lasting self-confidence? Play experinece has the power to transform kids’ lives, shaping them into well-rounded and responsible future leaders.

Playtime isn’t just an optional fun activity — it’s essential for students’ cognitive, physical and social development:

  • Cognitive: Kids get to practice their spatial awareness, fine motor skills and articulation abilities on the playground. And these skills can even carry into the classroom — many kids are more prepared to learn and focus after increased physical activity.
  • Physical: Many children are at risk of being overweight or obese. Encouraging them to engage in physical play reduces the risk of obesity and keeps kids happy and healthy. It also sets them up to live an active lifestyle as they grow older.
  • Social: playtime provides students with the chance to interact with their peers outside the classroom. playtime in an inclusive space gives kids increased self-confidence and can promote teamwork, self-control and sharing.

Make your school playground accessible for all with our line of inclusive playground equipment.

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School Playground Design Considerations

Playground planning isn’t just about finding the right manufacturer and ordering the best school playground equipment. It’s also about creating a design that meets your school’s needs and fits the available space.

The perfect playtime is only one design away, so here are some of the basic considerations you’ll have to account for when planning your innovative school’s playground:

  • Use: Who will be playing on your playground? Will it be used by a small group of kindergarteners or multiple classes of third and fourth graders? Considering the age group, the number of kids that will use the playground and other use-related factors is essential in creating the perfect space for safe and positive play.
  • Theme and design: When you think of your dream school playground, what comes to mind? Do you see a castle where kids can battle dragons? A pirate ship where they can set sail to discover buried treasure? We offer traditional playground designs as well as custom themes, so the possibilities are limitless. Make your playground as unique as your school with custom colors, elements and more.
  • Budget: Your financial resources will likely at least partially determine the size and features of your playground, so setting a budget is essential before you start planning your design.
  • Surfacing: Many playground injuries occur because of improper surfacing. The type of surface you place under your playground — such as loose fill, poured in place or rubber tile— could make all the difference in your space’s safety.

School Playground Designs From Playworld

If you need school playground equipment that will transform your play area into a place where children can grow, learn new skills and form lifelong friendships, turn to Playworld for your school’s playground equipment.

We offer a variety of designs and themes that are made to work for your price range and space requirements. Choose from modern playground structures, durable urban playgrounds, fantastic themes or an innovative take on the well-loved classic playground design. You’ll find a style to complement your school’s unique spirit while staying within your budget.

As you choose the right playground for you, a Playworld representative is here for you every step of the way. From research and design to guiding you through financing options and installation, we’re dedicated to helping schools create the perfect playground.

If you have any questions or need more information on any step in the process, we’ll be glad to guide you in the right direction. Request a quote today or contact us to learn more and start planning your school’s dream playground experience.

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