Playworld offers several options for financing including phasing and leasing.

Partner With Sourcewell

As a self-supporting government organization, Sourcewell makes it easier for you to finance your playground options without unnecessary complications. With more than 50,000 recognized brands in their vendor contract network, Sourcewell is a financing industry leader.

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Playground Phasing: Play As You Grow

Are you working with a budget, but still hoping to design a playground for the children in your community? Phasing allows you to install one segment of your playground at a time and pay only for the phase as it’s built. Enjoy your completed playground in just two phases — or more if needed — while spreading the cost over a longer period. Learn more about playground phasing and see how it works by downloading this helpful guide!

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Leasing Program

If a step-by-step phasing program doesn’t best suit your needs, consider the Playworld leasing program. This allows you to design, build, and install your completed playground right away, and then pay for it over time. Your community can start reaping the rewards of your playground immediately, while you choose the flexible payment plan that works best for your budget. Our leasing program offers added benefits such as no large, cash down payment, no bank loans that impact your credit line, and a short approval process.

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