Commercial Playground Swings

At Playworld, we know how fun swings can be, and our designs make them more dynamic and accessible. Our commercial playground swings are ideal for large playgrounds and small municipal spaces—find the right product for your project no matter its size.

Playworld Commercial Playground Swings

Swings are a fantastic way to spend time with your child and bring laughs and smiles to the playground. At Playworld, we offer various swings to suit the needs of children and adults. You can choose from:

Standard swings: A classic swing set makes an excellent addition to any playground. We carry models with two to six swings to accommodate your needs. Our two-swing models have an arch design or a single-post configuration. Use our six-seat model for large spaces, and choose the four-seat set for swings that will undergo heavy use.

Accessible swings: At Playworld, we want swinging to be available to everyone. Our accessible swings feature a high back and sturdy harness to keep kids comfortable and secure as they enjoy the breeze.

Swing Along swings: With our Swing Along models, parents, siblings and caretakers can take a ride with young children. This swing design features a wraparound seat for children ages 2 to 5 and a flat end for big kids and adults. Enjoy the gentle rock of the swing while young children develop social skills.

Group Swings: Group swings are meant to allow children to swing together. With Playworld’s Hoopla Swing and Unity Basket swing, children can stand, lay or sit creating an opportunity for inclusive play. A tire swing can also make it easy for a child to share playtime. These swings let children have a blast with more than one person.

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Benefits of Playground Swings

Swings can be a fun experience for anyone, but they’re extraordinary for young children and their development. Adding swings to your playground encourages the development of:

  • Social skills.
  • Spatial awareness.
  • Gross motor skills, like jumping and kicking.
  • Fine motor skills, like gripping and arm coordination.
  • Rhythm, muscle control and balance.

Swinging can be a fun yet calming activity that gives children the open space to understand their bodies and how they move. Whether kids want active, fast play or slow, controlled play, swinging gives them an option for both. Elevate your playground with commercial playground swings.

To learn more about the benefits of Playground Swings, take our on-demand Contintuing Education course: Swings in the 21st Century.

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Browse our complete selection of commercial playground swings to find the product that fits your space. With our focus on size variety, accessibility and social swinging, you can create a powerful learning experience for children of all ages and abilities. Request a quote today to learn more about a product.

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