Sometimes the excitement of planning your dream playground can leave you budget blindsided. It’s easy to forget there are more expenses to account for than just playground equipment. But with some careful consideration, you can ensure a fun, smooth process with no financial surprises.

Start by planning for these standard project expenses:

  • Surfacing: excavation, drainage, sub-surfacing, containment, material, freight, labor
  • Shipping: freight, truck unloading, goods inventory, packaging removal/disposal
  • Site preparation: permits, sidewalk installation, lighting, drainage
  • Storage (if your play equipment arrives before final site preparation is finished)
  • Installation: professional installation, supervised build, or community build (costs vary depending on your solution)
  • Construction materials: concrete, gravel, sand
  • Landscaping services/materials: labor, trees, plants

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Don’t have as big a budget as you’d like? You don’t have to fund your playground project alone. There are many resources available from the government, your community, and Playworld that will help make your dream play space possible.

Just Getting Started?

Before you set your budget in stone, window shop our playground products, see if you’re eligible for any grants, or request a quote from our play experts. This can help you create a realistic financial plan to meet your dreams.

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