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Our Continuing Education courses help you design dynamic play solutions that will unite your entire community. Access pre-recorded, on-demand courses through our online learning management system, or join our live webinars. Both types of learning experiences are available for everyone, at no cost.

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All courses are free and approved through ASLA’s Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) for LA CES 1.0 PDH/HSW accreditation*. Landscape architects and other professionals are welcome to use these courses to maintain their accreditation.

*To receive accreditation, you must pass the quiz at the end of each course.

Live Courses

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Multigenerational Playgrounds – July 18th @1PM ET

Join us in exploring playgrounds that cater to diverse family structures and age demographics. We’ll delve into the challenges of engaging children of varying ages, from curious 5-year-olds to adventurous teens, all while ensuring that parents and grandparents feel welcomed and included in the fun. Together, we’ll uncover strategies and layouts that foster intergenerational play and engage the entire family at the playground.

Upon completing this course you’ll be able to:

  • Identify play activities tailored to a variety of age groups.
  • Explain how certain playground games can engage multiple generations.
  • List essential site amenities that support the needs of everyone.


On-Demand Courses

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On-Demand Course Descriptions

Addressing Ableism Through Inclusive Playground Design

After decades of design shortcomings, playgrounds that account for the presence and diversity of childhood disability are on the rise. This course explores how to…

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10 Steps to an Autism-Friendly Playground

According to the CDC, about 1 in 44 children has autism. This number has been on the rise over the years, and it’s estimated that…

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Best Practices for Design and Specification of Fabric Shade

Never before have human beings been so sedentary, nor spent so much time indoors. One obstacle to being outdoors is sun exposure – healthy in…

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Combatting Trauma with Playful Spaces

All children deserve to grow, play, and thrive in a safe environment. Unfortunately, the society within which we all live is filled with places, conditions,…

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Community Engagement: A Case Study

Kids Cove—a beloved community playground in Marquette, Michigan—showed clear signs of deterioration after two generations of service. A group of volunteers identified the need for…

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Creating A Unique Playground Using Hill Slides

More and more landscape architects are exploring using hills and mounds to create height on a playground, but it isn’t always simple.  While there are…

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Creating Extraordinary Playgrounds

What does it take to create an extraordinary playground?  What strategies should you put into place so your new playground is visited by families from…

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Creating Intriguing Outdoor Playspaces

The design of outdoor space influences how children use their environments for play, exploration, and learning. Outdoor spaces and places that children have access to…

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Creating Outdoor Environments for Young Children

Magic happens on a well-designed early childhood playground, allowing for stimulating and challenging play experiences that meet children’s ongoing developmental needs. The first five years…

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Designing a Nature Playground

Nature play has been a hot topic for many years. You’ve probably seen some wonderful natural play spaces and some that make you wonder how…

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Designing Inclusive Playspaces

Regardless of ability, kids should be able to experience the physical, emotional, and social benefits that come with developmentally- and age-appropriate play activities. This course…

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Designing Social and Engaging Playgrounds

Social and engaging elements are critical components of an inclusive playground. Some children are capable of playing with their peers without any prompting, but others…

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Explore Inclusive Playgrounds

This course will examine successful inclusive playgrounds around the USA—from New York to Nevada. We’ll identify common design elements that help make these playgrounds inclusive….

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Fundraising and the Landscape Architect

This course will enable you, a landscape architect, to provide ongoing advice and direction to customers undertaking the complex and time-consuming task of raising funds…

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Increasing Play Value with Surfacing

Safety and accessibility surfacing is required in all public playgrounds. It’s also true that surfacing consumes a significant portion of the playground budget. So, how…

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Piaget and the Playground

The benefits of playing on a playground are well known. Children get exercise, build up their core gross muscles, and practice balancing as well as…

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Power of Play

Play is an elusive concept to define, and it happens in ways that are often difficult to quantify. Yet, play has the power to bring…

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Swings in the 21st Century

Swings stimulate a child’s sensory system and help with brain development, but they take up a lot of space in a playground design. Are they…

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The Schoolyard Playground—Inclusive, Active, and Fun

By the time students complete elementary school, they will have spent as many as 1,300 hours on the school playground. Children play differently on a…

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Urban Playground: Child-Friendly Planning and Design

What type of cities do we want our children to grow up in? Car-dominated, noisy, polluted and devoid of nature? Or walkable, welcoming, and green?…

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Youth Participation in Playground Design

Engaging youth in the playground design process can empower youth and create a more meaningful design. But, most of all, it’s fun! This course will…

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Playful Curb Appeal: Industrial Design 101

When you drive by a playground, what makes you take a second look? In this course, you will learn what allure draws observers, dissecting aesthetics’…

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Enhance Your Park with a Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is a space with the main focus on sensory experience. All landscapes are sensory, but some are more sensory than others. It’s…

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Things Playground Surfacing Would Say (if it could speak)

How well do you really know the surfacing you’re specifying? Maybe it’s been a while since you were introduced to surfacing, and the basics have…

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