Funky Animals & Spring Riders


Product #: ZZXX0558
&edsp;These vehicles come alive when little ones hop-on offering active, pretend play, enhanced music and delightful sound. Designed for up to two toddlers at one time. Overall height and footholds are lower to specifically accommodate young children. Each Spring Rider makes the appropriate sound when a child interacts and plays on it (for example, the car will beep and its engine will rev up). Vehicles available in four other designs: car, train, boat and truck. Made of durable steel and plastics. Also available without sound. A coil spring is used for this product. C spring options are also available.
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Product Details

Space Required:
13' 10" × 15' 0"
6' 5'' × 1' 10'' × 5' 7''
91 lb
Fall Height:
1' 5"

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