Community Build

Depending on the complexity of a project, installation costs can range from 25% to 45% of your total budget! A community build can help you reduce those costs and strengthen community spirit at the same time.

A community build is much like an old-fashioned barn-raising. Recruit local volunteers and eager parents to participate in a Build Day. Then, organize them into committees based on skill sets and interests such as site preparation, construction, tools, security, food, child care, and public relations. If your volunteers do not have installation experience, your local Playworld representative can provide supervisory services for your community build.

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Reach Out to Local Businesses

Ask local companies to donate goods or services to the Build Day, from construction materials to food and beverages. Offer businesses free publicity or advertising on your playground’s signage to entice them to participate.

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Questions About Installation?

Curious about the complexities of playground installation? Click the link below to learn more about installation considerations that should be taken for your community build project.

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Before you set your budget and installation costs in stone, window shop our playground products, see if you’re eligible for any grants, or request a quote from our play experts. This can help you create a realistic financial plan to meet your dreams.

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