Playground Fundraising

Put The Fun Back Into Fundraising

When it comes to playground equipment, fundraising is our specialty. Our team can work with you to create a custom program that suits your budget, timeline, and needs. We provide you with a variety of resources, strategies, and hands-on assistance to make fundraising work for you. A successful playground fundraiser can help cover the cost of your new play equipment—and launch your community endeavor in style.

Start With a Strategy for Success

A strong fundraising campaign starts with a simple strategy. You’ll want to engage with the public and rally their excitement since a playground offers incredible benefits to your entire community. Before you start any campaigns and events, take some time to think through your fundraising strategy:

  • Identify the right fundraising contacts: From local business leaders to family foundations, there are plenty of community members that would likely love to support your venture. Compile a list of contacts and craft your message—the more personal, the better. Casting a wide net opens the most avenues, so don’t limit yourself to the most obvious options.
  • Engage with your potential donors: This is where you can put the fun in playground fundraising! Launching a fundraising campaign opens up doors to host in-person parties, create digital crowdsourcing campaigns, or plan large community events—the sky is the limit.

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Steps for Playground Fundraising

You can follow a few simple steps to help fundraise for a playground.

Your new playground will offer limitless excitement, creativity, and social activity—fundraising for playground equipment should capture this same spirit of fun. Break away from traditional fundraising campaigns and try unique ways to engage with your community. Don’t forget to reach out to local media and journalists to request coverage for your event—the more people who hear about your project, the better your chances of success.

Playworld’s financing options offer more flexibility than ever when it comes to mapping out your playground building and payment processes. Once you have your payment plan lined up, schedule a fundraising timeline that meets your goals. Remember that one event will likely not cover the full cost. Plan to host several different fundraising activities to continue the buzz around your project and keep your cash flow consistent.

Public awareness will encourage the community to get excited about your playground project. To publicize your fundraising efforts, aim to incorporate public relations tools such as:

  • A strong campaign overview—including specifics about your timeline and fundraising goals—to share with event attendees.
  • A network of local media contacts with whom to share your announcements and news.
  • Promotional material highlighting your future playground space.
  • Online assets such as digital fundraisers, social media posts, and email newsletters to keep your donors informed and excited.

Building strong relationships with your donors includes consistent follow-up communication. Thank all contributors for their support and encourage them to follow your progress.

Get Started With Your Fundraising Efforts Today

With our hands-on programs and expert assistance, fundraising for a playground can be easy—and even fun! Reach out to a Playworld representative to learn more about how to effectively fundraise for your playground. We can help you find the right contacts, guide you toward effective fundraising campaign material, create a realistic timeline, and ensure your fundraising goals align with your financing options.

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