RockBlocks® Climbers

Around the Bend

Product #: RB-310
With handholds designed for fingers and a rough texture for traction, kids just can't get enough of these rock walls with ultimate configuration flexibility. Our handholds are bolted through from side-to-side, eliminating spinning. Window holes are placed on the walls for ease of supervision, and we have incorporated an easy way down for the kids who develop apprehension on their climb.
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Product Details

Space Required:
19' 2" × 24' 9"
7' 2'' × 12' 9'' × 7' 0''
493 lb
Fall Height:
7' 0"

Prices are approximate. Prices shown in U.S. dollars. Prices do not include freight, custom fees, surfacing, or installation. Please contact your authorized Playworld Representative for pricing.

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