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Sensory Kit #1

Product #: ZZUN8722
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Compatible with plastic PlayCubes® structures, Sensory Kit 1 Includes:

Ball Spin
Add Ball Spin to your PlayCubes® structure to provide kids with a unique tactile and auditory experience! As kids roll the balls along the sheet plastic track, they’ll enjoy the event’s smooth sound and feeling against their hand. Each ball is 1” stainless steel, making them easy to manipulate for kids of all ability levels.

Bristle Brush
Thick bristles make this brush easy for all kids to feel as they run their hands across its prickly texture! Its sheet plastic base helps to keep dirt or hair from getting trapped inside, and secures the brush in place to withstand consistent use.

Spiral Spin
As kids spin this component, they’ll not only enjoy the captivating sight of its spiral pattern–they’ll be motivated to feels its raised ridges and trace along each curve. A sheet plastic base secures the spinner in place, while the color of its casted construction may be chosen from a variety of options.
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Product Details

7 lb

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