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Oak Trunk

Product #: ZZUN8806
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Make your play space look like it has natural roots by incorporating the Oak Trunk. This realistic, versatile play component sits independently next to any structure and can be rotated as needed to provide access to multiple decks at 3’ (0,91m), 4’ (1,22m), 5’ (1,52m), and 6’ (1,83m) heights. With undefined paths and varying handholds, the old oak tree offers a safe, challenging tree climbing experience for older kids. Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) makes Oak Trunk ultradurable and easy to maintain in comparison with actual natural materials. Exacting color, size, and detailed texture mimics nature perfectly, blending in with the landscape and providing a rich sensory experience. Oak Trunk is ideal for any urban or rural area looking to create an immersive, nature-themed playground. Whether catching a bird’s-eye view, jumping off a branch or scurrying up the trunk like a woodland creature, kids will love engaging in pretend play on this component.
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Product Details

Space Required:
16' 0" × 15' 11"
4' 0'' × 3' 11'' × 6' 0''
3300 lb
Fall Height:
6' 0"

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