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Wood Pile 60″

Product #: ZZUN8804
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Turn any play structure into a pretend tree house or log cabin with Wood Pile. Each realistic-looking log forms a gradual step, enabling even younger children to climb up using a threepoint climbing stance. The component can be used to access a 5’ (1,52m) deck simply by placing the solid piece next to the structure—no attachments required! Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), the Wood Pile is more durable, maintenance-friendly, and kid-optimized than real wood. Even the color, texture and scale mimics natural details, allowing you to bring a little bit of nature into any urban or rural space. The authenticity of Wood Pile encourages imaginative and sensory skill development and provides just the right amount of physical challenge. Children will want to scale the “fresh cut” logs again and again as they scurry around their make-believe woodland home.
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Product Details

4' 9'' × 3' 0'' × 5' 0''
1320 lb
Fall Height:
5' 0"

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