Product #: PLAYCUBES-8SL
When you combine sculptural play with a playground classic, what do you get? A fantastic new favorite! Simple and irresistible,PlayCubes® are based on the iconic creation of prominent architect/designer Richard Dattner – redesigned for even more physical, social and cognitive play value and engagement. The distinctive form invites imagination and exploration with undefined paths and varying handholds for climbing. A network of negative spaces invites kids to play in, on, and through. And the slide offers a familiar focal point for added excitement, play flow and fun. Bring a totally unique, immersive play experience to your playground with smart, innovative play design - ready for climbing, sliding, and discovering!&edsp;
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Product Details

Space Required:
33' 6" × 27' 0"
21' 6'' × 14' 11'' × 10' 10''
1260 lb
Fall Height:
8' 5"

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