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Sensory Kit #2

Product #: ZZUN8723
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Compatible with plastic PlayCubes® structures, Sensory Kit 2 Includes:

Embossed Spin
Featuring a random arrangement of raised bumps, this texture will have kids dreaming up daring adventures on the moon, or simply enjoying the sensation of its unique casting against their hands. The casting, which you may choose the color of from our selection, is able to spin, and is set in a sheet plastic base.&edsp;

Hammered Spin
This spinner encourages kids to feel deeper as they experience the divots and edges of its texture. Not only does its randomized inspire exploration—it also motivates a kid’s curiosity, causing them to ask to what could cause such an effect. The casting, set in a sheet plastic base, may be painted a color of your choosing from our variety of options.&edsp;

Clicker Press
A standard clicker, this button provides an audible click that satisfies young ears and a smooth texture that pleases the hand. Its casting color may be chosen from a variety of options, and it is set in a sheet plastic base.
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Product Details

6 lb

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