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Quito (4in Surfacing)

Product #: ZZXX1123
Freestanding at 15.54’ (4,74m) high, this net climber features three levels of climbing, balancing, and exploration. Kids can challenge their proprioception on flexible rope elements, hang out with friends in the ground-level cozy space, or ring one of the three bells in celebration. Easy passage to the center ensures that everyone can enjoy Quito in the hub of activity, featuring multiple entry points, colorful windows, and crisscrossing ropes. Thanks to its distinctly daring design, kids from all across the community will love using Quito as a guide to their next adventure.
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Product Details

Space Required:
32' 3" × 31' 1"
20' 7'' × 19' 5'' × 15' 6''
4327 lb
Fall Height:
7' 0"

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