Inclusive play year in review 2014

Inclusive play continues to be an important area of focus for Playworld Systems as we work to make play accessible for everyone. Here’s a look at some memorable inclusive play moments from 2014.

Middletown Elementary School Playworld Systems inclusive playgroundThis year on Play by Playworld, we published posts at key times of the year to spread the crucial message of inclusive play: Autism Awareness month and Sensory Awareness month. We also shared some of Playworld Systems’ most notable inclusive playgrounds such as Middletown Elementary School.

In 2014, Playworld Systems expanded its offering of accessible play structures which we highlighted on the blog. We showcased our favorite new inclusive play products such as Rushmore, Unity Dome and Cruise Line.

We featured select Playworld partners from around the world who have taken the time to study inclusive play in-depth and become Inclusive Play Design Specialists. We introduced Joanna Kania from Poland, Rich Walsh from Ohio, Geoff Eastman from North Carolina and Pete Selak from California. All have worked hard to spread accessibility and create inspiring playground destinations where children of all abilities can play together.

unity domeThis year on Play by Playworld, we spent a lot of time exploring the importance of play for ALL children. Greg Harrison, our creative director, and Michael Patte, Ph.D, Playworld’s play scholar and professor of education and child life specialist at Bloomsburg University, contributed wonderful articles about the impact of play.  I really enjoyed reading Dr. Patte’s blogs about recess and developing resiliency through play. Play is an issue that transcends inclusion level — if we don’t save play and ensure that our children have the opportunities for free and self-directed play, then it all my work on inclusion will be for naught.

Inclusive play is my passion and I appreciate the feedback and support received on this blog throughout the year. I’m continually excited and encouraged by the progress made on inclusive play and look forward to 2015.

Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone happy holidays and a fantastic new year!

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