Inclusive Play Design Specialist Spotlight #2

Once a month Play by Playworld will highlight Playworld Systems distributors who are certified Inclusive Play Design Specialists (IPDS). In February, we talked to Geoff Eastman, sales consultant with Playworld Preferred.

What is the one thing that surprised you in the Inclusive Play training?

I was surprised about the guidance to combine similar pieces of equipment with varying levels of challenge in one area.  In the past, I’ve always been advised against duplicating play events, but with inclusive designs it is recommended to have many pieces that do the same thing but have different challenge levels.

What do you think are the most useful aspects included in the Inclusive Play Design Guide?

One of the most helpful tips was the suggestion to use different colors on equipment and surfacing that direct users and caregivers to the components with the appropriate level of challenge.

What project are you the most proud of and why?

I am most proud of the SKIES School on a military post at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. The playground provides a place to play for military families that have children with disabilities. It’s also a great playground for fathers and mothers coming back from serving our country who may be using a mobility device. They can easily access the play structure with their children. The SKIES School product embodies the true meaning of an inclusive playground.

Tell us one way that being an IPDS has helped you in your job.

Being an Inclusive Play Design Specialist has helped me develop more creative designs by utilizing some of the guiding principles of the IPDG.

Tell us a story of how you have used the Inclusive Play Design Guide to your advantage.

The Inclusive Play Design Guide is a great differentiator that helped me build a rapport as a consultant with prospective customers.

Why should other people take the time to become an Inclusive Play Design Specialist?

It will set you apart from the competition. Becoming a specialist has helped me understand the intent behind product design. Not only can I talk about product benefits, but now I have insight into the engineering process. Being an IPDS allows me to have better knowledge about why the product looks and functions like it does. Instead of just selling the features of a product, I can sell the story behind the product.

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