California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

The Golden State now has a new golden rule when it comes to children. The California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism recently released its Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights. The mission is to encourage the state’s youth to participate in outdoor activities and discover their heritage.stelprdb5437603

Numerous studies have shown that children who participate in outdoor activities are healthier, do better in academically, have better social skills and self-image, and lead more fulfilled lives.

At Playworld Systems, we’re excited to know that the California Roundtable is working hard to save play and getting children into the outdoors. We’re also committed to this cause. We believe the more people and organizations that align themselves with saving play, the better off our future generations will be.

The U.S. Forest Service’s forester Randy Moore, signed a proclamation in late September 2013 endorsing the California Children’s Bill of Rights stating, “Providing our youth every opportunity to develop strong connections to the land will help teach them essential values that will contribute to healthy lifestyles.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The Outdoor Bill of Rights aims to have all children (before age 14), have the opportunity to experience each of the 10 activities listed within the bill, including:

Play in a safe place

Explore nature

Learn to swim

Go fishing

Follow a trail

Camp under the stars

Ride a bike

Go boating

Connect with the past

Plant a seed

Have your kids accomplished everything on the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights?

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