East Riverfront Park, Utah

The City of South Jordan has always tried to include activities for a wide variety of people at East Riverfront Park—but they wanted to do more, so they decided to replace their current playground with an all-inclusive play space that people of all abilities could come to and enjoy the outdoors.

The community came together to fund the new playground. It was a team effort that included the City of South Jordan, Salt Lake County, the South Jordan Rotary Club, the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation, and the Michel Foundation.

Playworld representative Big T Recreation worked with the City to build a playground with a theme that fits the natural park around it. This playground is complete with Sculpted Play Elements, a Cozy Cocoon, and an AeroGlider. Here you’ll find sensory, physical, and social activities for kids of all abilities. One of the favorite activities is the Vibes from our Concerto line which can be heard throughout the park.

While the nature theme encourages the imagination, it’s the all-inclusive activities that accomplished this community’s ultimate goal.

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