Inclusive play product focus: Unity Dome

unity domeUnity takes the decades-old geodesic dome and makes it meaningful and relevant to 21st century children. It’s a dome comprised of circles that lead to all types of play adventures. The unique design challenges of playground equipment for children of all ages and abilities. Kids can climb up, through, over, and under. They can sit, play with one another, and create games.

With just one piece of equipment, Unity meets many of the requirements of an inclusive playground.

Unity Dome:

  • Offers physical, sensory and social play
  • Has multiple challenge levels
  • Provides wide routes for access
  • Is “the coolest thing” on the playground and it is accessible to all

It’s rare for a person using a wheelchair to be in the middle of the play, yet this is often where the most fun on the playground is happening. Unity provides this experience for people using a wheelchair, as it has a large opening which provides access to the inside for wheelchair users and adults. The various levels of height for rings and rungs provide opportunities for those in wheelchairs to grab on and pull themselves up out of their chairs. It also provides stability for those with some lower body mobility to walk around the perimeter of the dome.

The unique sensory connections allow children to form music circles where they can see and interact with one another.  These are the best music panels I’ve seen – they make distinct sounds and are very easy for a person with poor fine motor skills to use and be successful with creating music.

Unity is non-prescriptive, meaning there is no wrong way to play on the structure.  Unity creates a destination on the playground appropriate for all children. It’s a place where kids meet and work together to create music, games, and claim a place of their own. They can literally hang out, climb to the top and gather together in the rings as they chat.

Products like Unity have the ability to make a playground even more inclusive than simply adding “special” equipment for people with disabilities, as a child of any ability can Unity as a place where they belong.