Inclusive Play Design Specialist spotlight #5

Once a month Play by Playworld will highlight Playworld Systems distributors who are certified Inclusive Play Design Specialists (IPDS). In July, we talked to Joanna Kania, master engineer and landscape architect with Poland-based Arsplay.


What is the one thing that surprised you in the Inclusive Play training?
Before the training, I didn’t realize how important it is to consider so many different aspects of designing play spaces. Also, I realized that inclusive play design is not as complicated as it originally seemed at the beginning of the training. It’s just imperative to remember the basic rules and take the time to think through each project.

What do you think is the most interesting aspect of the Inclusive Play Design Guide?
I enjoyed learning about the different types of disabilities and how the needs of children are impacted. I was also interested in learning more about how varying types of play equipment can influence the development of children, and how creating systems of zones within playgrounds encourage children to interact and have fun together.

Tell us one way that being an IPDS has helped you in your job.
Being an IPDS has taught me more about playground equipment’s ability to impact children’s development. I’m also really excited that I can now help landscape architects design playgrounds in a more beneficial way.

Why should other people take the time to become an Inclusive Play Design Specialist?
For people in our industry, I think it should be very important to become an Inclusive Play Design Specialist. In Poland, those learning about playground design are not taught about the needs of people with disabilities, nor how to design a space that is accessible for them. In the future, I hope to provide inclusive play training for more people in Poland.

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