Designing an Under-the-Sea-Themed Playground

Designing and Under-The-Sea-Themed Playground

Playgrounds are excellent places for kids to learn life lessons and develop physical strength and skills like balance and coordination. Kids also love the freedom playgrounds give them to use their imaginations in creating games and stories. An under-the-sea-themed playground encourages kids to play creatively as they “swim” through coral reefs, surf the waves and make friends with sea creatures.

When designing an outdoor playground for a daycare, school or park, an under-the-sea theme can draw kids into the play space and keep them coming back for more fun. An under-the-sea playground theme can also make it easier for you to select your playground equipment and create a memorable play experience.

Benefits of Themed Playgrounds

You and the kids you serve benefit from a themed playground with:

  • A memorable play space: Playgrounds with unique themes and whimsical elements stand out from the crowd. When you create a one-of-a-kind playground, kids will remember the experience for years to come.
  • Inspired play: Themed playgrounds inspire kids to use their imaginations. For example, an under-the-sea theme gets kids’ creative wheels turning and encourages them to take on an underwater adventure. Kids might gain inspiration to play pretend as octopuses and dolphins, imagine life as a marine biologist or dream up an unlimited number of new experiences.
  • Cooperative play: Playground themes also get kids playing together by motivating them to engage in the same activities as they play in a common environment. Cooperative play can help kids learn valuable social skills like listening and conflict resolution.
  • Ease of playground design: Sticking with a playground theme gives you some direction in planning your play space. You can choose playground elements and pick a color scheme that communicates your theme.

Under-The-Sea-Playground Ideas

Under-the-Sea Playground Ideas

Creating opportunities for under-the-sea play can inspire the kids in your community and encourage their imaginations for hours. Learn about under-the-sea playground options below to get some ideas for your space.

1. Explore the Ocean Floor in Adventure Tubes

The ocean is a mysterious place where discovery awaits! Adventure tubes let kids feel like they’re exploring beneath the waves. Kids can crawl through Pufferfish Tunnel Climber and improve their gross motor skills while they imagine what it’s like to swim with sea creatures. Grooves and bumps inside the Horizontal S & 90° Adventure Tube can give kids the feeling of wriggling along the ocean floor.

2. Ride the Waves on Slides

Slides are an essential playground element that can thrill kids as they create the sensation of surfing the waves. The Slither Slide Balcony With Slide-A-Side lets kids pretend they’re cruising the sea. This slide also features an inclusive landing for kids to sit if they’re waiting for a mobility device or need to catch their breath.

3. Engage in Physical Activity With Climbers

Exciting sea creatures can captivate kids’ imaginations. From mighty sharks to silly pufferfish, stoke kids’ creativity with sea creature climbers. Ocean-themed climbers allow kids to get physical activity while playing under the sea. Choose from a variety of climbers, including:

  • The Pufferfish Tunnel Climber: This playful Pufferfish Tunnel Climber delights kids with its tunnel and realistic-looking colors.
  • The Hammerhead Shark Climber: Finding the Hammerhead Shark Climber in the “water” can inspire kids to create all sorts of underwater adventures.
  • The Coral Reef Climber: Kids will enjoy reaching new heights as they climb up the richly colored Coral Reef Climber.
  • The Whale Climber: The Whale Climber and Whale Tail Climber create a 3D creature that feels like it’s swimming right beneath the kids’ feet.
  • The Crater Arch: As the kids on your playground envision underwater adventures, the bubbly appearance of the Crater Arch helps them envision racing to where the sea meets the sky.

Older kids may also enjoy the physical activity other climbing playground elements offer. Kids can improve their dexterity and agility with The Crossover while exploring underwater. The RockBlocks® Curved Tri-Ladder can also boost kids to new levels within your underwater ecosystem.

4. Promote Sensory Play Activities

You can enhance the play experience with sensory playground equipment. If you want to encourage kids’ senses as they play under the sea, consider the Sand and Water Table. This playground element allows kids to manipulate sand and play in the water as they imagine playing at the ocean’s edge. The Sand and Water Table With LolliTops provides extra shade for adventurers playing outside.

Play panels can also stimulate kids’ senses. The Bubble Panel distorts kids’ view and creates the illusion of being underwater or inside a submarine. Kids may also enjoy spinning the Shifting Sands Insert as they pretend to play along the ocean floor.

5. Get Kids Moving With Motion Play

Designing a playground with an under-the-sea theme is the perfect opportunity to get kids moving. A motion play structure like the Nucleo gives kids the feeling of surfing the mighty ocean waves in a search for adventure.

For even more action, choose a motion play ride like Sky Rail. This single-person track ride simulates the feeling of swimming through the currents and helps kids learn muscle control. With Cruise Line, multiple kids can enjoy the thrill of perceived risk as they pretend to dive deep into the ocean waters.

6. Remember Site Accessories

Accessories and furnishings for your playground are essential for creating a comfortable space for everyone to play. Install seating throughout your play area, including the Playseat that lets kids rest and gives them even more opportunities to play with sand and water.

7. Create a Custom Playground

Your playground’s colors, signs, graphics and other visuals can set the tone for your under-the-sea theme. You may want to incorporate a range of blues and greens to imitate the ocean and sandy colors for the sea floor. With color customization, you can create a playground that keeps kids swimming in fun.

Your vision for an under-the-sea playground is unique. Playground customization is the perfect solution for designing an underwater playground that suits your location’s needs. If you can dream it, Playworld can do it. Check out our Custom Inspiration Brochure to gather ideas for your playground design.

Ocean-Themed Activities

Whatever your under-the-sea-themed playground looks like, you can take the fun further by planning some ocean-themed games and activities for kids to play. Adding under-the-sea games to your themed playground can make the play experience even more memorable. Consider these ideas when planning your activities:

1. Going Fishing

One player is the fisher in this game, with the other kids sitting around them on place markers like pieces of construction paper. Secretly assign each player a sea creature to be throughout the game. Call out, “The ocean is calm,” and have the fisher walk around calling out the names of sea animals. When each player hears their creature, they line up behind the fisher.

As the fisher collects sea creatures, remove one place marker until you say, “The ocean is stormy!” The creatures have to find a new seat, and whoever doesn’t have a seat is out.

2. Jump the Waves

For this game, you’ll need two long jump-ropes. Have the kids line up into two teams on each side of the ropes. Place the jump-ropes on the ground a few feet apart and have the kids take turns trying to jump over the “waves.” If a kid falls in the ocean, they’re out. Continue widening the ropes until a player from one team is the last person standing.

3. Stormy Waters

Gather plenty of place markers for each kid to sit on. Play a song and have the kids “swim” in the ocean and move around the area. Remove one place marker during the song. When the music stops, say, “Stormy waters are coming! Get to an island!” and have each kid jump on a place marker to get out of the “water.” The kid who makes it to the last island at the end of the game is the winner.

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