Why Your Playground Needs a Shade Structure

Why Your Playground Needs A Shade Structure

When it’s sunny and warm outside, kids flock to the playground to enjoy a day of play. But what happens when the sun gets too hot or a sudden rainstorm passes through? Ensuring your playground features a shade structure is essential for the comfort and safety of anyone who spends time there. Keep reading to learn more about why shade covers for playgrounds matter and your options.

5 Reasons Shade Structures Are Essential for Playgrounds

Shaded areas will draw more people from the community and allow kids and adults to enjoy the playground for years to come. Here are several reasons why you need to install a shade sail structure in your playground or park:

1. Help Protect From Excess Sunlight

During playtime, kids get to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. However, it’s essential to remember that too much sun can expose the skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. While sunlight boosts vitamin D levels, consistent excess sun exposure can lead to health issues. Protecting kids from excess exposure to UV rays can help lower their risk of cancer later in life.

Many park shade structures use fabric to reduce the effects of the sun’s harmful rays on the playground equipment, giving kids and their families a bit of respite during playtime. Some shade covers may also be used by picnic tables or benches so that adults and caretakers can avoid the sun while watching the kids play.

2. Help Shield Against Bad Weather

A shade structure for playgrounds can help protect kids from the elements. Whether your local area is experiencing wind, rain or snow, a shade cover can act as a buffer while providing water runoff. If an outdoor event is held, a shade structure can allow the party to continue without chance of cancellation, and kids will be encouraged to keep playing.

Further, families will be more willing to visit the playground no matter the weather. In other words, shade structures give people in the community a chance to hang out and play in the park as much as possible despite bad weather, which is the goal of any public playground.

3. Offer a Cool Space

A shaded area helps provide good airflow and creates cooler temperatures, encouraging people to stay at the park longer on warm days. While hot temperatures, especially during summer, may keep kids from using the equipment for too long, a shade structure will help keep the playground cooler so that kids can enjoy the fresh air without hurting themselves on hot equipment. Caregivers should always check if the equipment is too hot before allowing children to play.

A cool area will also help to reduce the chance of heat stroke, cramps or exhaustion. Engaging in physical activity like play on a hot day without access to shade is a recipe for heat-related illness, which can lead to serious health effects. Help keep your park safe and cool by covering the space with shade covers.

4. Extend Outdoor Time

The time spent at a playground increases when it has a shade structure. Both kids and adults will want to play and socialize in the park for longer because they’re protected from the weather but still get to enjoy the outdoors. This creates a community space that allows families to enjoy the area as they please, whether to throw a football with their kids or host a picnic with friends.

5. Help Create Equipment Protection

When equipment is exposed to sunlight, the colors and fabrics may fade over the years. A shade structure helps protect the playground equipment over time by blocking sunlight. This protection helps keep the playground looking appealing and inviting.

Installing a shade structure for your playground is a smart choice that will keep the park a must-visit for everyone in the community for years. In fact, investing in a shade cover for your playground can help extend the longevity of your equipment, making your initial playground investment that much more valuable.

Playworld offers a wide selection of shade structures that can fit your playground's unique needs.

Playworld’s Play Shade Structures

No matter what your playground looks like, Playworld offers a wide selection of shade structures that can fit your playground’s unique needs. With various shapes, sizes and colors, our company can help you find the perfect shade cover to help keep kids safe and comfortable during playtime. Explore our selection of shade structures:

  • Hip: The hip structure includes clean lines and embedded or recessed mounting styles. This shade structure is one of our most commonly utilized covers with standard or quick-release options.
  • Two-post hip: The two-post hip shade cover structure is cost-effective and offers up to 308 square feet of shade. It has embedded or recessed mounting styles with standard or quick-release options.
  • Hip joined: With clean and straight lines, our hip joined shade structure has shared steel posts with adjoining shades and increased shade protection. This is great for playgrounds that need extensive coverage over large structures.
  • Mariner pyramid: Our mariner pyramid has the same amount of shade as the hip and pyramid shade covers. With an overlapping design in the fabric, it looks sophisticated and pairs well with outdoor seating and dining areas.
  • Single post pyramid: The single post pyramid structure covers up to 260 square feet and uses a single column. It can fit well in areas with limited space, making it ideal for picnic tables or benches.
  • Pyramid: Our pyramid shade structure uses four posts to offer extensive coverage. It pairs well with play areas containing large equipment pieces and is designed with a peaked roofline.

Keep Your Cool With Playworld Shade Structures

Keep Your Cool With Playworld Shade Structures

At Playworld, our team of experts can help you find a shade structure that fits your playground’s needs. We’re dedicated to building safe and comfortable environments that all community members can enjoy. Our company designs quality, long-lasting playground equipment with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. Contact us today to speak to a representative or request a quote to get started.

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