4 Reasons to Add a Playground to Your Housing Development Plans

Reasons to add a playground to your housing development plans

Building a neighborhood playground is a fantastic way to boost curb appeal and provide fun for the whole community. Both younger and older visitors can appreciate the joy it brings to their housing or apartment complex. Property owners and housing developers can also experience significant financial benefits.

Read on to explore the advantages of residential playgrounds and ideas for equipment to add to yours.

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The Benefits of Playgrounds for Your Housing Development

Adding a homeowners association (HOA) playground to a neighborhood can benefit adults and kids alike. Here are some reasons to consider a playground for your housing development.

1. Enriches Communities

An HOA playground can cultivate community by giving people a place to gather and socialize. It’s not uncommon for neighbors to avoid meeting each other or even crossing paths despite living in the same area for years. A housing complex or apartment playground is a great way to change this dynamic and encourage togetherness.

A local playground gives people of various ages, abilities and backgrounds a place to get to know one another and build relationships. When neighbors grow more acquainted, they look out for each other more. Parents can bring their kids to the neighborhood playground, providing socialization opportunities for both adults and children. A fun outdoor play space may be just the solution you need to unite residents.

2. Increases Property Value

A playground can boost property value by anywhere from 8%-20%. Play areas are an attractive amenity, especially for families with children. To further appeal to families and increase value, you can include features like:

Whatever equipment or features you add, you’ll likely see more value by putting a playground near your housing or apartment complex.

3. Provides a Family-Friendly Environment

Building an HOA playground can be a good way to encourage families to continue living in the neighborhood. It gives supervising adults a place to relax, socialize and interact with others. Plus, staying cooped up at home can cause lots of pent-up energy. A fun playground provides a way for kids to expend this energy, giving their parents a much-needed breather.

When you add a playground, families may be more inclined to stay in the area, potentially extending their residency for years to come. They may even spread the word about your residential playground to other families. Housing developers and property managers may see an influx in business when they install a new play area.

promotes health and wellness

4. Promotes Health and Wellness

Playgrounds encourage healthy bodies and minds. Here are some ways they can support healthier lifestyles for kids and grown-ups:

  • Physical benefits: Kids can receive physical activity and exercise through activities like swinging and climbing. Outdoor play can provide physical health benefits like healthy Vitamin D levels and a stronger immune system. It can even help prevent long-term health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Social benefits: Social skills are important for child development and a residential playground allows kids to interact, socialize and form friendships. Kids can learn social skills on the playground by taking turns on equipment, practicing dialogue, helping each other and working together.
  • Cognitive benefits: Kids can boost their cognitive development by playing on a playground. They can learn valuable skills like problem-solving, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, language and strategic planning. For example, they might work together to invent a new game, assigning roles and brainstorming different rules.
  • Mental health benefits: A playground offers a healthy outlet for kids to unwind and release energy and emotions. Outdoor play can help reduce stress, anxiety and other negative emotions in kids. Additionally, socializing and interacting with others can decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation for both kids and adults.

Playground Equipment for Housing Developments

If you’re interested in enriching your community with a neighborhood playground, Playworld is your source for high-quality residential playground equipment. We pride ourselves on inclusive play spaces where kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy the benefits of outdoor play. Check out some of the playground equipment and amenities we can offer for your HOA playground!

Early Childhood — Ages 5 and Under

Our early childhood and preschool playground equipment focuses on developing sensory, emotional and gross motor skills. Young kids can discover the value of cooperative play and engaging the senses through activities like slides, playhouses and activity panels. Preschool playground equipment uses bright colors, fun sounds and animal and nature themes to delight children and help them learn.

School Age — Ages 5-12

Kids’ play needs start to change as they get older. That’s why we offer more challenging playground equipment for school-age children. Activities like loop ladders, climbers and motion play options like spinners can help build upper body strength, endurance and confidence. From building muscle to practicing problem-solving, kids in this age range can experience a variety of physical, social and cognitive benefits.

Fitness and Wellness — Ages 9 and Up

We provide a range of outdoor fitness equipment to encourage everyone to live healthier lifestyles. Users can experience numerous wellness benefits through stretching, walking and muscle-building activities. Our fitness equipment options provide guided stretches and exercises using body weight.

These permanent fixtures don’t require additional weights or attachments, making them convenient and easy to use. By learning the value of fitness from a young age, kids can be more encouraged to exercise into adulthood.

Electronic Play — All Ages

We also use technology to promote outdoor play for kids. Electronic outdoor playground equipment combines the explosive movement of aerobic activity with the interactivity of video games. Younger and older kids of all abilities can delight in this unique form of outdoor play.

Playground Site Furnishings

Make your residential playground more enjoyable for visitors with comfortable places to sit and relax. We offer an array of durable playground furnishings, including picnic tables, benches, trash receptacles, fire rings and bike racks. Adding amenities can complement playground equipment while providing an inviting atmosphere for guests.

partner with Playworld

Partner With Playworld to Build the Ultimate HOA Playground

At Playworld, we believe that kids of all ages and abilities should discover the joy of unstructured outdoor play. Our extensive design, planning and installation services have helped clients upgrade their communities with fun, inclusive play spaces for decades.

If you’re looking for HOA playground equipment and design services, we invite you to browse our playground equipment selection to find the ideal activities and amenities for your residential play space. If you want to work with our team to build your HOA playground, contact us to learn more about our services or request a quote today!

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