Early childhood and preschool playgrounds help develop the physical, emotional, and social skills that children need to succeed in school and in life. In order to help children develop these skills, we offer a variety of equipment to build or improve your preschool playground, including preconfigured playgrounds, individual components, and freestanding products. When you invest in quality playground equipment, you provide an expressive outlet to children. Each age group has unique capabilities — early childhood and preschool children are learning how to run, jump and play freely. A preschool outdoor playground is a nurturing environment where kids can have fun and learn simultaneously.

Our Preschool Playground Equipment: For Ages 5 and Under

When it comes to developing emotional, sensory, and gross motor skills in preschoolers, and encouraging both co-located and cooperative play, our preschool playground equipment has your needs covered. Explore our playgrounds for toddlers, and find out how our developmentally optimized, sustainable and inclusive play environments will enhance your space.

Early Childhood Products

At Playworld, we offer specialized playground equipment, components and freestanding pieces for children ages 5 and younger. We cater to younger children so they can play openly and safely. We know how important it is to give children a fun experience, and our playground equipment aids their creativity while keeping them active.

Our Challenger® series of playgrounds are complete units that vary depending on the model. Parts of the equipment young children can enjoy are: 

  • Slides
  • Steps
  • Ladders

PlayTown™ is our newest collection of early childhood playground equipment. We specially designed the PlayTown equipment for young children to make sure everyone had a chance to get in on the fun. Options such as the Playhouse or the Silly Tree are perfect to give everyone a chance to free play and develop their skills.

We also carry skill and learning panels such as the colorful Rainbow Panel and Animal Locator Panel. They help children activate their minds while playing and can be added to a playground separately.

Our Button Loop and Balance Trax are freestanding products that encourage balance and help engage the mind and body. If you want to add on to or customize your playground, freestanding options are your best choice.

With our extensive inventory, you can find the ideal equipment to encourage growth and play. Discover the perfect preschool outdoor play equipment for your location at Playworld. Shop with us today to see our available options.


Our preconfigured early childhood playgrounds feature a variety of activities that engage the imagination, promote child-directed play, and are built to last.


Create your own unique playground to fit space and budget requirements, activity preferences, or curriculum needs using our individual components.


Choose your favorite tubes, climbers and other freestanding products to create an immersive play space every preschool-aged child will enjoy.

Early Childhood & Preschool Playground Products for Every Need & Budget

Our product filtering feature makes it easy for you to choose products based on price and play space size required. Many products are even designed to be inclusive, meaning they cater to children of all abilities, not just those who develop typically.

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Inclusive Design

Inclusive play design allows all children to use a playground—including typically developing children, children with mobility concerns, children with chronic conditions or injuries, and everyone else. 

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Browse pictures from real playgrounds across the globe and hear how Playworld has helped transform neighborhoods with the power of play.

Quality Early Childhood Playground Equipment

When you partner with Playworld for your early childhood playground project, you’re benefiting from our many decades of expertise. Our superb craftsmanship will provide years of fun for your community. And, because we’re certified green, you won’t have to worry about your new playground damaging the environment for future generations.

Designing Playground Structures for Preschoolers 

A playground for toddlers ages 5 and under is different from building a playground for older kids. Children at this age are still exploring the world around them actively and have not developed the strength and motor skills of older kids, so a toddler playground needs to have equipment safe for this age group.

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Preschool Playground Design Considerations

When designing a playground for toddlers, keep these design elements in mind:

badge Age-Appropriate
badge Surface & Shade
badge Safety
badge Supervision
badge Inclusiveness

Age-Appropriate Equipment and Activities

Early childhood outdoor playground equipment should be designed for children under age 5. It should engage their senses while also being inviting and safe. It should not rely on children climbing high or taking part in activities that are too complex or difficult for them. Preschool outdoor play equipment with animal themes, bright colors, nature themes and fun sounds can delight kids while also helping them learn.

Surfacing and Shade

Surfacing is important in playgrounds for toddlers because, at this age, kids can still lose their balance easily. Loose-fill, pour-in-place surfacing, and several other options are all worth considering for their safety benefits. Shade can also be an important design consideration, helping you protect toddlers from the dangers of extended sun exposure while they play and playground equipment that can become hot to the touch.

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Falls and injuries to toddlers can be devastating, which is why it is important to choose early childhood playground products that meet or exceed safety standards in your area. Depending on where you live, look for playground equipment that meets safety standards and regulations created by well know organizations, such as the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).


Early childhood playgrounds need closer supervision because kids at this age have not learned all about safety yet. Site furnishings such as picnic tables and benches can encourage adults to supervise more closely by making it easier for them to sit nearby. When designing your playground, make sure each piece of equipment is easily visible from seating areas where caregivers are likely to sit, so adults can keep an eye on children at all times.


Toddlers develop at different paces and it is important for all children to feel included. When creating an inclusive playground, make sure each piece of preschool play equipment can be accessed by children with different mobility capabilities and learning levels. Include some activities at ground level and some higher up.


Resources for Pre-K Playground Design

Choosing outdoor playground equipment for preschool kids can be a challenge, and Playworld has created guides to help you. Our Inclusive Design Guide was written by childhood development and playground experts and covers inclusive playground design extensively, so you will understand how to make play fun for all children on your playground. Be sure to look at our Playground 101 Guide, too. It includes 10 practical steps to guide you through planning and implementing your play area and offers a step-by-step approach to playground design.

If you have questions or want to start creating your playground, you can also contact Playworld. Our friendly team of experts would be happy to help!

Inclusive Guide

A step-by-step guide how to incorporate inclusive play principles into an existing or new playground including design tips.

Playground 101 Guide

Create a poster or attach to email to help boost support for your new playground project in just 10 steps.

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If at any point you have questions, contact our playground experts for assistance or design help.

How Playgrounds Benefit Children

Playtime gives children the freedom to learn and grow in a controlled environment. Safe, exciting playgrounds also help kids develop motor, social and physical skills. They get to release their energy constructively and learn how to use movement as a form of self-expression. 

Some of the significant benefits of play include: 

  • Social interactions: Young children often have some of their first social interactions outside of family on the playground. Playground equipment gives kids a resource for communicating and making friends. 
  • Physical activity: Staying active helps kids be physically healthy, build their muscles and learn how to use their bodies. They can release all their energy during the day and get better sleep at night. 
  • Motor skills: Sensory equipment helps kids develop motor skills through twisting, pushing and spinning with their hands. 
  • Literacy skills: Children improve their language skills by applying prior knowledge during play and relying on communication during early childhood development. 

Advocating for play helps children grow up with healthy habits. Our playground equipment allows them to have fun while staying active. 

How to Fund New Preschool Playground Equipment

Budgeting for preschool playground equipment may be a consideration. If it is, fundraising can help you get the money you need while also inspiring your whole community about the importance of a new playground. There are tons of ways to fundraise, from holding walk-a-thons to play-a-thons to auctions. We have put together some unique fundraising ideas to get the money flowing!

If you need more than just fundraising funds to build the toddler playground of your dreams, Playworld has financing options. Leasing lets you pay for your playground over time while building a quality play space now. Phasing lets you build and pay for your playground in stages. It may only take two or three stages to build the playground you have always wanted!

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If at any point you have questions, contact our playground experts for assistance or design help.

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