Sit & Relax

At Playworld, we know that a trip to the playground is much more enjoyable when there is a place to sit and relax. We are pleased to provide a variety of comfortable, durable playground benches, picnic tables and other accessories that perfectly complement our playground and freestanding structures. Explore our playground furnishings and discover how you can make your Playworld playground even more inviting.


Border Timbers, surfacing, risk management signs and bike racks are just a few great ways to put the final touches on your playground.


From custom-letter benches to PVC-free garden benches, Playworld has the perfect bench to complement your playspace.

Picnic Tables

Choose your favorite tubes, climbers and other freestanding products to create an immersive play space every child will enjoy.

Stylish Collections

We also offer a variety of beautifully designed, artfully crafted site furnishing collections. Each collection is designed to provide a distinctive look and feel to its environment, ranging from classic to modern and suiting all styles in between. With cleverly concealed hardware, the beauty of these site furnishings goes far beyond what the eye can see.

Rep Finder

Find your Playworld rep and ask them how our site furnishings can enhance your playground. An experienced representative is ready to answer your questions.

Inclusive Play

Inclusive play design allows all children to use a playground—including typically developing children, children with mobility concerns, children with chronic conditions or injuries, and everyone else. 

The PlayPod app

Access information about your playground for free. See manuals and installation instructions, keep tabs on maintenance tasks, and more.  The app is also available to families using your playground. 

Playworld Furnishings

Since 1971, Playworld has helped communities furnish their schools, parks, businesses and organizations. Contact Playworld, and let us show you how our high quality playground furnishings will complete your play space with comfortable style.