National Pursuit of Happiness Week

It’s the second week of November, the temperatures are beginning to drop and the holidays are right around the corner. While hearts are beating faster thinking of the food and gifts that need to be bought and plans that need to be finalized, take a deep breath and keep those negative thoughts at bay – it’s National Pursuit of Happiness week!

Playworld Systems Pursuit of Happiness WeekIn today’s stressed out society, we often forget to be happy. We worry about what’s next in our busy schedule and how we can become rock stars at multiple disciplines. But when will we stop worrying and pushing ourselves so hard?

Stop what you are doing and say it with me, everybody: It’s okay to play.

At Playworld, we appreciate the power of unstructured play for all ages. We learn more about ourselves by letting loose and making our own rules than sitting down at a desk or in front of the TV. Through creating fun-fueled adventures, kids get to have fun but also experience crazy amounts of development on an emotional level.

With unstructured play children develop interpersonal skills. In play children continuously interact with one another, feeding off of their playmates’ real-time reactions and formulating responses and solutions on their own. Learning how to control their emotions and impulses makes it sound like effective play is hard work, but that’s the best part – it’s not. All it takes is a child and an open mind.

I’ve never seen a kid look sad playing an imagination game, have you? It’s even scientifically proven. A study from earlier this year found that, not surprisingly, children who played outside for five to 10 hours a week reported feeling happier.

It doesn’t have to be National Pursuit of Happiness week to pursue positivity through play. Our happiness is important, and play is such a crucial stress-reliever for children – and adults – of all ages.

So get some relief from the pressure of the impending holidays and go outside to have some good, unstructured fun with your children.

How are you celebrating National Pursuit of Happiness Week?

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