Geometry is a universal language.
So is play.

The modularity of PlayCubes offers countless options for configuration and color—ideal for any site layout, any budget.

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PlayCubes® awarded The Good Design Award

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design has awarded Playworld with The Good Design Award for PlayCubes. Founded in Chicago in 1950, Good Design remains the oldest and the world’s most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. Good Design represents the world’s critical mass of the design and manufacturing industry representing the best consumer design ranging from the ‘spoon to the city’ for sustainability, superior design, and unparalleled function. All award-winning products and graphic designs are published in the Good Design Yearbook for 2019-2020.

Project Description

Now Available in Metal!

PlayCubes are back with an industrial new twist! Now available in metal, PlayCubes have been meticulously engineered to be ultra-tough and long lasting for urban or residential playgrounds that get a lot of traffic.


Designed with extra care and attention to detail, metal PlayCubes feature rounded, climber-friendly rings around each opening to provide better grip and allow kids to enter/exit safely.


With metal often comes concerns about safety, but metal PlayCubes feature soft corner castings and concealed bolts that make them just as play-safe as the original plastic cubes.


Perforated steel panels add even more transparency to the open-ended shapes, letting in the breeze to help keep playtime cool and allowing more light to shine through.


Made of steel and aluminum, these industrial-strength cubes are tough enough to withstand years of heavy foot traffic and maintain their integrity if vandalized or hit by inclement weather.

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Shaping the Future of Play

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