Union Park, Utah

In Union Park, among a beautiful landscape full of trees, was an old, rarely used post and platform playground that had fallen into disrepair. A few years ago, the park was identified as a capital improvement project—one the Salt Lake County community was excited to vote into action. Now, among the trees, you’ll find a playground that complements the natural landscape and inspires the imagination—a popular playground for children of all ages in the Fort Union area of Midvale, Utah.

Playworld representative Big T Recreation worked with Salt Lake County to create a playground atmosphere that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty. Inspired by nature, Branch Out® was the solution. This series of play equipment mimics natural elements both in aesthetics and adventure. In Union Park, you’ll find a modern tree that provides shade and an opportunity to climb, cargo nets of various shapes and sizes that challenge coordination and balance, a few outlooks inspired by tree houses, and slides that rush you back down to the ground to start all over again.

All of these elements come together to create a retreat in the middle of Union Park that’s full of adventure—a favorite for kids of all ages.

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