Tools to bring master plans to life

As a landscape architect, presenting and selling your ideas is half of the battle. Bring your presentations and master plans to life with help from Playworld’s collection of computer-aided designs that make it easier than ever to create presentations that exceed expectations and generate repeat business opportunities.

candid-design-concept-tableWhen planning a play space or park, landscape architects must carefully design the space, taking various aspects into account, from structure size and fall zones to activity grouping and inclusion. Testing how different play structures will fit into the location and how the space will flow can be time consuming and complex. Utilizing computer-aided designs (CAD) can simplify the process. The CAD files show how equipment will look in a space by providing realistic, accurate representations of the structure.

Playworld offers a large CAD file library which houses technical designs from the entire play system collection. These files can be accessed and downloaded from various places including Playworld’s CAD file library, Playworld’s 3D Warehouse page and on CADdetails.

Designed to assist in the process of presenting and selling ideas, CAD files allow landscape architects and designers to enhance their presentations while also allowing their clients to visualize how certain play structures can seamlessly fit into a space. CAD files help take the risk and complexity out of utilizing new products, allowing landscape architects to confidently incorporate new play structures into their plans.

Begin planning your next play space with Playworld’s CAD files and be sure to check back in early 2017 for the new Buyer’s Guide!

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