Inside Design: Unity RockR

Our UnityTM Collection is inspired by the iconic play equipment we all grew up with, and infused with a modern relevant twist. As we expand the Unity line, as we do now with Unity RockR, it’s imperative that we fully re-imagine another classic piece of playground equipment that augments the total play experience. It’s a simple concept, really—take a tried and true classic and give it new life—creating something that brings kids together in play.

rockrUnity RockR is a contemporary twist on the classic multi-spring riders that were designed back in the ‘50s for four 5-6 year olds. However the Unity RockR is designed for many users—any age, any ability—making it a great addition to all playgrounds due to its inclusive appeal.

Its round shape symbolizes a common ground for all to join. It’s easy to access and use for children who may need an assistive device. The bowl shape offers not only a larger area to hold more kids, but encourages laying in when necessary or for fun. Handholds provide additional stability and security. Kids can sit, lie or kneel in it. And the ride experience can change depending on the number of users (up to 8). Truly anyone, any age or ability, can rest or rock.

Unity RockR pairs nicely with other freestanding products in the collection or can be a good inclusive addition to an existing playground. It’s available in any of our durable Eco-Armor® PVC-free coating colors.

For more information about Unity RockR, visit the product page.

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