Power Generating Whirl Update

Playworld Systems’ Whirl Engineering Team

Playworld Systems’ CEO Matt Miller made his way safely to Ghana this weekend to kick off our partnership with Empower Playgrounds. By lending our research and development resources, materials and facilities, we are helping Empower accelerate production of the play equipment that generates power while the kids play for portable lanterns that light evening activities.

Over the last several months members of the  Playworld engineering team worked hard to ensure we could deliver prototypes in time for a November deadline.   The team is shown with the product in Lewisburg Pennsylvania before the whirl was boxed and shipped to Ghana.  Matt is on the ground now helping Empower and the local people complete installation of the first two prototypes, which will be tested for six months.

The whirl was designed to be virtually maintenance-free, and easy to install and ship in small volume packages. This will allow Empower and Playworld Systems to make an impact on as many communities as possible.

The whirls also represent an educational opportunity for the children.  Transparent panels are there to demonstrate how electricity is generated.  The generator and gearbox are clearly visible so a child playing on it can understand their role in generating light to do their homework.

Stay tuned: tomorrow we’ll have a firsthand account from Matt.

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