Park and Recreation Month: 30 years of dedicated contributions

This July marks the 30th observation of Park and Recreation Month.

1985. Ah, yes … I remember it well and fondly. Although my formative years were based primarily in the 70s, it was in the 80s when I began on the path to my future. I learned a lot during that time; my journey’s been paved with education, experiences and life lessons that have propelled me forward to the place and person I am today.

Nation Park and Recreation Month July 2015It’s important to look back at where we started in order to gauge how far we’ve come. In 1985 when July was adopted as Park and Recreation Month, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) used the tagline, “Life. Be in it.”, which is as relevant and meaningful today as it was then (In fact, as I write this, I’m looking at a poster in my office which reminds me daily to “Be There” in the moments I share with colleagues, friends, family…). To celebrate this impressive milestone and commemorate the support and preservation of parks and recreation areas, NRPA is embracing the 80s and inviting people to reminisce about the activities they enjoyed during that totally rad time, reliving them for old-time’s sake. (NRPA is celebrating its own major milestone this year—50 years! We’ll talk more about that another time.)

While growing up, some of us may have taken the local park for granted, parks and recreational areas have meaningfully impacted many of our lives. Through parks, children can experience the great outdoors even without having a backyard. Summer park programs offer kids an opportunity to explore nature in new and exciting ways, all while creating memories that last a lifetime.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned about the importance of nature for our personal development and the need to protect it for the enjoyment of future generations. Helping parks continue to grow and thrive tomorrow is something that is very important to us here at Playworld.

So as we celebrate the well-deserved recognition of 30 years of Park and Recreation Month, let’s pause to think about how we can all make a difference – this month and every month – to preserve and pay homage to our local parks.

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