Make time for exercise this Easter

From peanut butter filled eggs and jellybeans to chocolate rabbits and chick-shaped marshmallows encased in brightly colored sugar, the Easter holiday is a time for both children and adults to indulge in sweet treats.Edible-Gourmet-Easter-Baske

Unlike the healthy food their shape imitates, chocolate Easter eggs are low in protein and high in carbohydrates and calories. The online nutrition resource My Fitness Pal notes that one chocolate Easter egg contains 85 calories. And the Cadbury Bunny knows that his company’s creme eggs contain 150 calories.

Calories from chocolate bunnies and other Easter favorites can add up quickly. Playworld Systems recommends heading outside to help burn off some of the excess calories and enjoy the start of spring.

So hop to it! Here are some ideas for burning extra calories outdoors:

Walk – Walking at 3mph (20-min mile) burns approximately 300 calories an hour but hiking uphill at the same pace burns around 425 calories an hour.

ClimberHead to the park – Many classic activities, such as playing on playground equipment and jumping rope, are not only fun but help get kids and adults moving and burning calories.

Stay in the backyard – When the Easter egg hunts are over, stay outside and organize a game of tag, dodge ball or other activity that can involve all friends and family members.

What are your favorite outdoor activities that you enjoy alone and with your children?

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